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Global Healthcare Training Initiative: Training without Borders

Global Healthcare Training Initiative

The growth and prosperity of nations is often thwarted by the poor health status of its people. Attempts to improve health care are often hindered by the lack of resources, including the continual proficiency of its health care professionals. The delivery of quality health care depends on the knowledge and skills of its providers. As a result of insufficient training and up-to-date skills of health care professionals, millions of people each year receive inferior health care services.

The delivery of quality health care depends on competent health care professionals. In order for health care professionals to continually hone their skills and become experts they need to have access to up-to-date information and learning materials. Health care professionals need continuing education to improve and update their skills. For many, the expense of educational materials, books, conferences, and speakers is prohibitive and are simply not available.

Through Global Healthcare Training Initiative (GHTI), healthcare professionals can access educational modules, including narrated lectures, videos, discussion forums and other learning resources on a variety of patient care topics to refresh and improve their clinical skills from anywhere at any time. The GHTI aspires to achieve improved health care outcomes especially in developing nations by providing health care professionals essential access to continuing education. GHTI is accessible to professionals around the world at any time through the Internet, improves direct patient care through increased professional competency and productivity, and decreases institutional training expenses. Providing open access to current educational materials will enable health care professionals to advance their skills and deliver quality health care thus improving the health of millions. Improved health status contributes to the sustainability of a nation's economic and social prosperity.

The Global Healthcare Training Initiative (GHTI) is an Internet based platform for health care professionals to access up-to-date training materials on health care delivery topics, including patient care skills, medical imaging, health and occupational safety and numerous other topics. The on-line platform is organized into content modules; each with narrated lectures, video presentations, links to educational sites, post module testing and discussion forums to all individuals to ask questions, share information and gain access to best practices. Modules can be used as continuing education, by educators to teach student critical concepts, and by health facility administrators as annual training. Modules will be accessible from anywhere at any time through the Internet. Better prepared health care professionals will have the knowledge and skills to take the extra step when providing health care services to their patients to improve care and outcomes.

The Global Healthcare Training Initiative (GHTI) provides open access to all healthcare professionals who have access to the Internet thus potentially reaching millions of professionals. Current educational modules are focused on basic patient care skills for all health care professionals and modules for medical imaging professionals and environmental health. As the site is developed, educational modules for respiratory therapy, nursing, and others will be added to reach more health care professionals. Access to educational materials will enable health care professionals to refresh and learn new clinical skills to improve the delivery of health care services to millions.


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